Lets Talk Together Book: Home Activities


Lets Talk Together Book: Home Activities

Lets Talk Together Book: Home Activities for Early Speech and Lanuage Development

Made for parents and clinicians, Let's Talk Together offers over 55 home activities for early speech & language development.

Let's Talk Together includes favorite language activities that take place in a child's natural environment -- including but not limited to mealtime, indoor play, outdoor play, car time, and night time routines.

Incorporating language-based activities into daily routines allows parents and caregivers opportunities for repetition and the flexibility to practice these activities at a time convenient for them. Presenting the activities in a fun but natural manner helps children relax so that they will be much more likely to participate.

Chapters include...

Chapter 1: Activities for Beginning Sounds
Chapter 2: Oral Motor Activities
Chapter 3: Indoor Play
Chapter 4:Outdoor Play
Chapter 5: Kitchen/Mealtime
Chapter 6: Night Time Routine
Chapter 7: Craft Time
Chapter 8: Car/Travel

88 pages
By Cory Poland MA, CCC-SLP and Amy Chouinard MA, CCC-SLP

Each page contains simple directions with descriptions of what you need, what to say, and what to do.

Let's Talk Together includes over 55 home activities that are easy to incorporate into the typical day of your child.

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