Egg Carton Crafts

Use these craft ideas to work on building speech and language with your child. These crafts are wonderful for eliciting sounds and words as well as working on repetition. Resource information provided by

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Egg Carton Crafts - A

Animal Disguises - Need a quick disguise for your trick-or-treaters? Start scrambling eggs--and use the empty carton to create stylish animal snouts and matching ears.

Ant - Make this creapy crawly ant with your child. The ant craft is fairly correct from an anatomic standpoint -- three body parts (head, thorax and abdomen), 6 legs and 2 antennae.

Egg Carton Crafts - B

Bat - Make this bat craft with your child that you can hange from the ceiling or window. This craft is made out of egg cartons and other crafting supplies.

More Bats - This is an easy way to make bats using egg cartons, crayons or markers, and scissors. Googly eyes are a nice touch.

Bird Feeder - Feed the birds in your back yard using a simple egg carton bird feeder that you and your kids will enjoy making together.

Bookworm - This bookworm is designed to encourage the littlest reader in your house to keep on reading! After making this new reading buddy your child can tell stories with him. They can be as personalized as you like. Go wild with your and your child's imagination!

Bugs Craft - Instructions to make a variety of insects and other bugs using egg cartons.

Bulletin Board - Learn how to make a functional bulletin board out of egg cartons. If you want to make your bulletin board fancy you can paint it, glitter it or decorate it any other way you desire.

Egg Carton Crafts - C

Camel - Make this adorable camel craft using an egg carton and googly eyes.

Caterpillar - Instructions on how to make a caterpillar craft with your child. This is an easy craft using an egg carton and pipe cleaners.

Chick Hatching Craft - Make this cute and fuzzy chick out of an egg carton and some other craft materials. This craft is great for Easter or any time of the year.

Chicks in a Basket - Children love this craft!! Use an egg carton, cotton balls and markers to make this basket craft that you and your kids can enjoy!!

Chinese New Year Dragon - This is an easy craft made out of an egg carton and some other materials. Make your dragon as short or as long as you wish. You can add jewels or sequins to dress it up.

Christmas Bells - Make Christmas Bells out of egg cartons and some other crafting materials. Kids will love making a christmas craft project that they can actually use to help you decorate the house.

Crazy Crawlers - It doesn't cost much to craft the creatures, and we swear your kids won't stop after making one. These egg carton creatures are fun, fun, fun!!

Egg Carton Crafts - D

Dump Truck - This egg carton craft is so much fun to make with your child. Your child will love this craft especially if the child is crazy for trucks!!

Egg Carton Crafts - E

Easter Bunny Egg Carton Basket - This is a simple craft -- basically just an Easter Bunny head stapled to the front of an egg carton. But add a few jelly beans into the cups and it's a masterpiece in any child's eyes!

Egg Carton Critters - Instructions on how to make plenty of egg carton creatures from Seussville.

Egg Carton Crafts - F

Fire Truck - This is an amazing craft. Even the youngest of preschoolers can handle this egg carton craft and the outcome is so cute!

Flower Planter - Make a planter out of an egg carton with your kids. You will actually plant seeds in this planter and when the sprouts get big enough you and your child will replant the sprouts in a larger pot or outside.

Flowers - Make this decorative flower garden out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners. This is a fun craft to do with kids on rainy or snowy days. This flower craft brings plenty of sunshine and smiles into your house.

Fly Mask - Instructions to make a fly mask using egg carton cups. All children love masks. Plus, this is a great way to make this craft into a science class for your preschooler or young child. Use this time to teach your child about insects.

Egg Carton Crafts - G

Groundhog Craft - Make this fun groundhog craft with your children using an egg carton and pom-poms.

Egg Carton Crafts - I

Insects - Make these creepy, crawly critters out of egg cartons with your children. After you are done with this craft make it a science lesson by teaching your child about insects in our environment.

Egg Carton Crafts - K

Kitty Cat - Your child will probably need your assistance with this craft, but I promise you it is well worth it. This is an adorable kitty cat craft made from an egg carton and some other materials.

Egg Carton Crafts - L

Ladybug - This craft is so cute and it is very easy to make even for the youngest of preschoolers. Make a ladybug using an egg carton and some other craft supplies.

Lamb Craft - Make this fuzzy lamb out of an egg carton and some other craft materials. These are very simple little lambs for young kids to make.

Egg Carton Crafts - M

Mini Totem Pole Craft - Make a tiny Totem Pole out of an egg carton. Native Americans used totem poles to record a families history, and they usually used an animal to represent important events. Use this time to teach your child about Native Americans.

Mouse - This is a really cute craft to make with your preschooler. This is also a great learning tool for children just learning how to tell time. You can use the clock part of the craft to help teach your child how to tell time.

Egg Carton Crafts - P

People - Learn how to put two egg carton cups together to make people. You will need to help your child with this craft, but the egg carton cup people come out really great!

Piggy Bank - This is an great way to make a really cute piggy bank out of papier-mâché. This is a craft that you can use for a long time.

Place Cards - This makes for a great birthday party place cards. You can even put Jelly Beans or M&M's inside of it.

Pumpkins - Make these awesome pumpkins out of egg cartons. These are great for Halloween and Thanksgiving time.

Egg Carton Crafts - S

Sculpture - This craft project is a bit complicated and your child will need a lot of help from you, but the scultpture comes out really awesome. The work involved is worth it, plus your kids will love spending time with you on this craft.

Scary spider - Instruction on how to make this spider craft out of egg cartons, pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes.

Spiders - Make an spider with your child out of an egg carton and pipe cleaners. This is one spider that your child will not be frightened of.

More Spiders - This spider craft is easy to do even with young children and they will really enjoy making this craft with you out of an egg carton.

Snowman - Make an egg-cellent snowman out of an empty egg carton and some other craft supplies.

Stegosaurus - Help your kid make this amazing Dinasour Stegosaurus out of an Egg Carton.

School Bus Egg- This is a wonderful craft to do with your young preschooler. You will use an entire egg carton to make a nice size yellow school bus. Very cute!

Snowman - Make this very cute snowman from an egg carton with your children. This craft is great for cold snowy days.

Styrofoam Airplane - This is a great craft that children love to make. Make this airplane out of an egg carton and some other crafting supplies. If the airplane is made properly it will even fly!

Egg Carton Crafts - T

Tulips - Make a bouquet of delicate eggshell tulips for Easter, using eggshells (or foam egg cartons sections) and pipe cleaners. Younger children will find it easier to use the egg carton sections.

Tulips with Old Egg Cartons - This is an easy project kids can do by themselves or with very little help, and these flowers make a great Mother's Day present. Make a bunch for a lovely Spring bouquet!

Turkey Craft - Instructions on how to make turkeys using an egg carton. This is a cute Thanksgiving table decoration. Your kids will love participating in decorating for the Thanksgiving Holiday by putting together some craft decorations with you.

Turtle Craft - Instructions on how to make a turtle of an egg carton. This craft is a great rainy day craft.

Egg Carton Crafts - W

Wastebasket from an Egg Carton - Make a usable wastebasket from an Egg Carton. Your child will need help from you with this crafts, but they will love making a craft with you that they can use for themselves when finished. What's better than a usable craft?

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