Paper Plate Crafts

Use these craft ideas to work on building speech and language with your child. These crafts are wonderful for eliciting sounds and words as well as working on repetition. Please note some of the pages may take a few seconds to load. It's worth the wait! Resource information provided by

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Paper Plate Crafts - 0-10

3D Hearts Mobile - Make a mobile with strings of 3-D hearts. This is a great decoration for Valentine's Day. Children love to help with decorations for the holidays.

Paper Plate Crafts - B

Bumblebee Craft - All you need are a few craft supplies, including a Paper Plate, to make this very cute bumblebee.

Butterfly Life Cycle Mobile - Make a mobile that shows the complete metamorphosis of a butterfly from egg to larva (caterpillar) to pupa to adult (the butterfly). Make a Preschool / Elementary Science class out of this project for your children.

Butterfly Puppet - Instructions on how to make a Butterfly puppet out of paper plates and some other craft items. Kids really enjoy this craft and playing with the butterfly after the craft is finished.

Paper Plate Crafts - C

Canteen Paper Plate Craft - Children absolutely love this craft because the canteen is something they can play with after the project is over. Help your child make this canteen out of paper plates.

Cat out of Paper Plates - Make this adorable cat craft out of paper plates.

Clock and Mouse Craft - This is a great craft for kids just learning to tell time. Make the craft with your child and then start teaching your child how to tell time by the hours.

Crab - This craft is so much fun for kids. Make a crab using a couple of paper plates.

Paper Plate Crafts - D

Duck Paper Plate Craft - This easy-to-make duck is a cute craft that is made from a single paper plate and construction paper.

Paper Plate Crafts - E

Easter Bonnet out of Paper Plates - An adorable Easter bonnet for the kids to make. The great part about this craft is that the kids can decorate their hats as they please using flowers, ribbons etc.

Easy Easter Bunny - Instructions how to make an Easter Bunny out of a paper plate. This craft is great to do with kids around the Easter Season, but can also be done any time of the year.

Easy Pumpkin Craft - Make this adorable paper plate mask with your child. It is a great pumpkin mask for Halloween ... or any time of the year.

Paper Plate Crafts - F

Father's Day Card - Make this beautiful card for Daddy out of Paper Plates. He will absolutely love it and your kids will be thrilled to have made something for their father.

Fish Paper Plate Craft - This easy-to-make fish is a cute craft that is made from a single paper plate. This is a great craft to do with your child when you have been talking about Ocean Life.

Flower Crown - Make a pretty flowery crown from a paper plate and paper flowers. These are fun to make for Spring or Easter. And, if you have a daughter like I do that loves to dress up all the time she will love this craft anytime of the year.

Frog Puppet - He may not be a prince, but this paper puppet is certainly charming. Kids will absolutely love this frog craft. This frog puppet even has legs.

Paper Plate Crafts - G

Groundhog Mask - This cute mask is simple and a lot of fun to make for Groundhog Day, February 2. Or, if you are teaching your child about the wild animals that live around your house this craft would also be a great one to do during this discussion.

Paper Plate Crafts - H

Hanging Wall Pocket - Make this hanging wall pocket from a paper plate. This is a great project for preschoolers and elementary school age children who want to organize their room!

Paper Plate Crafts - J

Jack-O'-Lantern Mask - This scary Halloween mask is simple to make from a paper plate and a few other craft items. Kids love wearing masks, so why not make a mask craft with them.

Jack-O'-Lantern Pouch Craft - Hang on your wall and use it to hold candy, hair elastics, notes or any small items. It's great fun to make a different one for each season and hang them in a special place.

Paper Plate Crafts - L

Ladybug - Help your child make this very cute ladybuy out of paper plates.

Lamb Craft - This cute little lamb is a great March (in like a lion out like a lamb), farm animal or Bible craft project.

Lanterns - Make this simple colorful lantern from Paper Plates. This project is a lot of fun for both children and adults. Enjoy!

Liberty Crown and Torch - Celebrate this Fourth of July New York style with a Statue of Liberty headband made out of paper plates.

Lion Craft - Instructions on how to make a Lion out of a Paper Plate. This craft is very easy and would be great for Preschoolers.

Lucky Duck Paper Plate Craft - Instructions to make this very cool Duck out of a paper plate and other craft materials.

Paper Plate Crafts - M

May Basket - Let the children decide how to decorate the outside of the paper plates. The children can make their own flowers from construction paper to put inside. Any mother would love this, and so would a grandmother!

Monkey Paper Plate Mask - Kids will love making a Monkey Mask out of a paper plate.

Paper Plate Crafts - O

Ocean Treasures Paper Plate Holder Craft - This is a very easy craft to help children put away their "ocean treasures" if they have gone to the beach/seashore or they can pretend they have been there.

Octopus - This craft is so cute and a lot of fun for the children. You can make this amazing octopus out of a paper plate and a few other craft items.

Owl Paper Plate Craft - This simple-to-make owl is a cute craft that is made from three paper plates, googly eyes and a few other craft items. Very Cute!

Paper Plate Crafts - P

Paper Dove Craft - You won't mind this critter invading your next picnic: a high-flying dove made from paper plates and plastic spoons.

Paper Easter Bunnies - An Easter craft ideas for preschool, Sunday school or children at home. Provide this activity during your family Easter celebration for the younger children.

Paper Plate Angel - Turn a paper plate into a beautiful angel simply by using a paper plate and some other odds and ends from around the house.

Paper Plate Emu - This Emu craft is so cute and the body is almost completely made out of paper plates. Use this craft time to talk to your child a little bit about the Emu.

Paper Plate Flower Craft - This simple-to-make flower is made from a paper plate and a child's handprint cutouts. Great to do with young children and Preschoolers.

Paper Plate Ornament - Make this beautiful Christmas Tree Ornament out of Paper Plates. Your children will love making their own ornament that they will be able to hang up on the tree.

Paper Plate Spiders - This is a great paper plate craft around the Halloween Season. This craft is especially fun when you have a group of kids making this craft. For example, maybe a birthday party or a halloween party to keep the children busy.

Paper Plate Turkey - A fun and easy Thanksgiving craft project! Even a young child will enjoy this craft.

Paper Plate Wind Twirler - This easy craft can be made by children of all ages. Smaller children may need help with the cutting the artwork can be done by anyone!

Parade Dragon Puppet - This paper plate puppet is really amazing. This craft has a printable dragon face template. It really is a great paper plate craft to do with your children.

Pilgrim Craft - This paper plate craft is terrific for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Use the completed craft for a Thanksgiving Decoration.

Paper Plate Crafts - R

Rainbow Streamers - Make a handheld rainbow that you can use while putting on your own St. Patrick's Day parade or while you and your children are dancing a jig.

Paper Plate Crafts - S

Snowman - Make a cute snowman decoration using two paper plates. This makes a nice decoration to put on a door or hang in a window.

Stained Glass Decorations - This project produces decorations that look like stained glass that can be hung on any wall.

Stain Glass Window - A great paper plate craft to do with your children. The outcome is beautiful.

Sun Paper Plate Craft - This is a simple craft made from a paper plate and a child's handprint cutouts. This craft is great to do with young kids and Preschoolers.

Sunflower Paper Plate Craft - Instructions how to make this really cute Sunflower out of a Paper Plate.

Paper Plate Crafts - W

Wolf Mask - Make this wolf mask out of paper plates with your child. They will need some help, but this craft is a lot of fun. Plus, even more to wear the mask after the project is over.

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