Baby Babble - Real World DVD

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Baby Babble - Real World DVD

Total Run Time Approx. 75 min

Baby BabbleTM is an award-winning series that entertains babies, toddlers, and beginning talkers while engaging them with real world footage, speech modeling, language concepts, facial exercises, and sign language. Baby Babble -Real World was designed with beginning talkers in mind. Your child will enjoy watching real world footage including animals, vehicles, and young children as they have the opportunitiy to repeat and practice first words.

Baby Babble-Real World encourages speech generalization through repetition and practice. Generalization is also known as carry-over. It is the ability apply something learned in a specific situation to other situations. Children generalize language when they play with a toy train, and then realize that the word train represents both objects. Another example of generalization is when children say more blocks and then later ask for more milk.

Baby Babble- Real World includes a 60 minute child segment and is made up of five parts that focus on building vocabulary through generalization.

Things that Go
Around the House
Early Learning
Watch and Do

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Baby Babble DVD
Speech Enhancing DVD for Babies and Toddlers

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