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December 12, 2006
Baby Babble™ receives 5/5 stars from Family Review Center.

March 1, 2005
Baby Babble™ receives All-Star Award from Kids First Film Festival.

September 1, 2004
Baby Babble™ receives "Award of Excellence" and 5 star rating from

July 1, 2004
School Library Journal says Baby Babble™ "goes beyond simple vocabulary and focuses on language acquisition".

July 1, 2004
Baby Babble™ Recommended by the Video Librarian Magazine

May 15, 2004
Baby Babble™ wins Film Advisory Award of Excellence.

April 30, 2004
Baby Babble™ Speech Enhancing Video for Babies and Toddlers Now on DVD!

March 15, 2004
Baby Babble is Recommended Family Entertainment by The Dove Foundation

January 15, 2004
Talking Child Announces the VHS Release of Baby Babble

January 1, 2004
Indy's Child Magazine feature: January, 2004



"Our 14-month old was entranced by the video the first time she saw it! She interacted with it by laughing and pointing at the screen during her favorite parts. As an educator and grandparent I can recommend this without reservation as an educationally sound and developmentally appropriate learning tool for children."

Mary Harley, M.Ed.,Ed.S.
Duluth, Georgia

"Not only does my 19 month old love your Baby Babble video, but her older sister (3 yrs) and brother (5 yrs) love it too!"

Karen R.
Chicago, IL

"I just wanted to let you know what a great DVD Baby Babble is and how much my 9 month old son enjoys it.  I am a pediatrician and I was looking for educational/developmental DVDs online and came across baby babble.  I purchased it and  my son loved it from the first time he saw it.  I feel he has become more vocal since he began watching this program.  Thank you so much for making this available and keep up the great work!!"

Vinitha Moopen, MD

"I can't say enough about this tape. I bought it because my son who is 18 months was not making many intelligible words. The parent tutorial helped me know what to do to help him advance his speech.

I only wish I would have known about it when Enzio was younger. I concentrated on all the Baby Einstein videos which now when I look back on how wonderful I thought they were, I realize that they weren't, not for language skills anyway.

This video was created by SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS which is why it really touches on language/sign language. Don't hesitate to get this won't be waisting money. They use alot of sounds and show you some basic sign language to help your child communicate better so that your child does not get frustrated. I only hope they come out with more videos like this one.  My son watches this with me everyday and we do all the sounds & signs. My son just went to have his hearing tested and to be evaluated for a language delay and when the speech pathologists were playing with him, I felt like I was watching this video. They did almost everything that is in this video. His language is already improving. This tape is one you can pop-in and if you have to catch up on laundry,dishes etc., you won't feel guilty."

M. Peruzzi
Clinton Township, MI

"Just wanted to let you know that my 2 children LOVE your DVD! It is the only one of FIFTEEN that I bought which caught their interest. They are 8 months and 18 months old."

Lisa DeRea Frederiksen

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much our 26 month old son is enjoying your Baby Babble video.  Recently Zack was evaluated by the Maryland Infants and Toddler program and was found to have a significant language delay.  I was very interested in finding products to encourage his communication skills, and specifically to reinforce the basic sign language signs we are trying to teach him.

We have had the video less than a week and he is already using several signs.  In particular the video taught him the "help" sign.  We had been working with him on "help", but he didn't seem to get it.  After several viewings of your video, he now says and signs help. 

Zack's favorite part of the video is the dog eating the carrots --- he just burst out with giggles and rolls on the floor when the dog appears.

I also wanted to mention we have lots of other videos, such as Baby Einstein, Brainy Baby, Sesame Street, etc, but Baby Babble is by far his favorite.  And as I already mentioned, he is putting the skills taught in the video to use in his everyday interactions."
Julie W.

"Great Job! My son (2 years old) & my daughter (9 months old) love the video. My son has learned so much from the "Baby Babble" DVD, and it is actually his favorite video from all the videos he has at home. My wife & I are very pleased to see that the DVD is both entertaining & educational. This is without a doubt the best video on the market. I cannot tell you enough how happy we are with your video and really hope there is a follow-up video in the very near future."

Thania and Jesus

"I have a son with developmental delays. There are not many programs on TV that my son enjoys. I have read great reviews about Baby Babble, so I thought why not give it a try. I was amazed from the first second of this DVD. My son was glued to TV set. He took a seat on the couch and watched, quietly. I rewinded it and let him watch again. This time he repeated some of the sounds on TV and he become very excited when the mouse was going in and out of cheese holes. That was very cute. I turn this DVD daily for him-- its almost like having Speech Therapist come to my house. I really appreciate the work you put into this DVD and hope to see similar products. My son seems more attentive now during play and shows the "more" sign whenever asked. Again, thanks for the wonderful video."

Mom of Daniel, a special child

"Thank you, Cory and Amy. We recently purchased Baby Babble for our children. It’s about time someone got it! We have a 7 month old girl, a 2 year old girl and a 3 ½ year old boy who I on the autistic spectrum. He is non verbal and I particularly bought it for him. The video is very well done and incorporates so many factors of speech and language development and setting the stage for emerging literacy. You’ve got a great product and you can definitely effect your audience in a very positive way! You have made a difference. Thanks for using your knowledge and expertise to present a truly purposeful speech/language video. I hope many families reap the rewards!"

Adrienne Robertiello
emerging literacy guru

"My 20 month old son is speech delayed and we have had this DVD for about a month now. He really loves it and is benefitting from it. He has learned some of the signs already and I think this can only help him. I always watch it with him and we work on this together. I do recommend this for other moms. I think it would even be great for younger babies who don't even have speech delays."

Crystal Harris
Carlsbad, CA

"I wrote to you not too long ago letting you know how helpful I found Baby Babble to be. At 19 months old my daughter's pediatrician didn't think that my daughter was saying enough words. She seemed to think she was going to be behind (she was pre-mature). She suggested that I take her to an Audiologist and that she should go to speech therapy. I am naturally a worry wart, but I knew deep down that my daughter was fine. Instead of following the advice of my daughter's doctor, I purchased Baby Babble. Now at 21 months old my daughter is saying over 50 words/sounds. Coincidence or not, THANK YOU!!!!!"

Diane P.

"We have 'Baby Babble' which was made by 2 pediatric speech pathologists. I highly recommend it. Both of my boys enjoy it and my youngest has really come a long way since he got it. His speech pathologist thinks the combination of this video and him being at a real receptive point in speech development were key to his recent explosion of words (he'd rather imitate a video than a person--less pressure)."

Vicki Post

"I am the mother of a 4 year old autistic boy. Up until the time he started watching your video (last month), he could only say a couple of words. Since watching your video is so enormously motivating to him, he has memorized the entire program. When he says the words presented in your video, he says them in appropriate context. His pre-k teacher, OT, and SLP are shocked! They have been working with him for 1 1/2 years with little progress. He has watched all the Baby Einstein videos, as well as Baby Bumble name it. Nothing has held his attention or interest like your tape....he simply loves it and has started learning to speak because of it."

Sara Polito

"My daughter is 2.5 years old, has autism, and has just begun to talk. She responded with great enthusiasm to this DVD, vocalizing the entire time she watched it. Whereas she has never been able/willing to imitate facial expressions in person, she tries to imitate the faces in this DVD, which may help her with her oral motor difficulties. She has also picked up the sign language much faster from the DVD than she does in person."

Anonymous Parent

"My 11-month old first viewed the tape at play group. Throughout the viewing, she was very responsive—clapping her hands adorably to the music, imitating mouth movements, and repeating the sounds that she heard. Each time she watches the video she learns something new!"

Erin U.
Carmel, IN

"I taught my daughter 5-10 signs but had not yet taught her how to sign "please." After a long day of requests to be picked up, I told her that I wished that she'd say please. She suddenly, to my utter surprise, signed the word. I was shocked. She learned how to sign "please" from watching Baby Babble. I also heard her in her crib last night saying "up...down" -- which she also learned from watching Baby Babble!"

Eden Prairie, MN

"I have a 3-year old with Down Syndrome. He has a severe speech delay and he loves your DVD. That is all he wants to watch. He does the mouth excerises and says every word on the DVD. I just wanted to let you know that you did an awesome job. I hope you will make more videos in the future."

Rachelle Melvin

"My child was completely tuned into Baby Babble. The toys were perfect. I really liked the speech and sign language included in the video."

Jessie L.
St. Paul, MN

baby   "This is the best money I have ever spent on my child! She loves the video!"

Sandra M.
Indianapolis, IN

"Wow! This DVD really works! I purchased this DVD a week ago after being told that my son was showing signs of having a developemental delay. My son will run to the TV when I put this DVD in and he will sit or dance while watching it. He has added to his vocabulary almost 100% and is able to use the sign language that is shown in this DVD. I am amazed and thrilled at the results. I would recommend this DVD for anyone who is looking for help in regards to late talking little ones."

Wendy Helton

"Both of our boys love to watch Baby Babble. Carson, our 19 month old, loves to imitate the sounds, repeat the words and has learned some sign language, including "more" and "please". Both Carson and Ethan (4 yrs) actually sit still while they watch it. They love it!"
Shakopee, Minnesota

"My son imitates the entire video from start to finish! He loves it! He makes all the sounds, copies all the faces, and imitates all the sign language. Watching this video is one of his favorite things to do! Thanks so much!"

Stacie G.
Fishers, IN

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