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Browse each category below to see a list of the toys we use with our clients. We are pleased to offer these items at a substantial discount through our affiliation with Amazon.com. If you see a toy that you or your therapist uses that isn't listed, please contact us. The more ideas we can share with each other, the more our children will benefit!

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*Table 1. Stage Descriptions

Stage         Description
Stage 1 Child makes little or no speech sounds.
Stage 2 Child is beginning to babble and make some sounds.
Stage 3 Child babbles and says up to 20 words.
Stage 4 Child babbles and says up to 50 words.
Stage 5 Child uses around 100 words and is beginning to use 2-word combinations.
Stage 6 Child uses around 300 words and is using 2-3 word combinations.
Stage 7 Child uses 500+ words and says 4+ word combinations.
Stage 8 Child communicates well using sentences. Child could benefit from activities that focus on listening comprehension and verbal expression.

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Lets Talk Together Book: Home Activities
Home activities for speech practice

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