Paper Cup Crafts

Use these craft ideas to work on building speech and language with your child. These crafts are wonderful for eliciting sounds and words as well as working on repetition. Please note some of the pages may take a few seconds to load. It's worth the wait! Resource information provided by

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Paper Cup Crafts - B

Bat and Spider Cups - Great for drinks or to hold those ghoulish goodies!

Paper Cup Crafts - C

Christmas Cup Bell - Instructions for making a Christmas bell using a communion cup.

Cone Cup Bunny - Make a different kind of Easter basket from cone-shaped drinking cups.

Cupid Takes Aim - Create your own Cupid's quiver full of Valentine's Arrows.

Paper Cup Crafts - D

Dragon Kites- Soaring dragon kites that will capture your imagination.

Paper Cup Crafts - F

Flower Pot Wall Hanging - Beautiful Cup flower hanging craft.

Paper Cup Crafts - G

Groundhog Cup Puppet - Make a groundhog cup puppet.

Grow Your Own Leprachaun n - How to make a unique leprechaun complete with growing hair!

Paper Cup Crafts - H

Hovercraft - To construct and test a hovercraft, thus gaining a good insight into how engineers use science and technology to create vehicles that can travel over various types of terrain in an innovative way.

Paper Cup Crafts - J

JellyFish Mobile - Find out how you can make a fun jellyfish using a styrofoam cup.

Paper Cup Crafts - L

Liberty Bell Craft - Instructions for making a Liberty bell using a paper or styrofoam cup.

Leprachaun Hat - Instructions to make a leprechaun hat from a paper plate and cup.

Lucky Duck Paper Duck - Paper Plate and Paper Cup Craft

Paper Cup Crafts - M

Mr. Harry Cup - Make a cup with a growing grass plant.

Mouse in a Cup - Instructions for making a pretend mouse in a tiny cup.

Musha Dragon Puppet for Tet - Make your own Musha Dragon Puppet for Tet.

Paper Cup Crafts - N

Nylon Snake - Here's a way to use up those colourful plastic cups & plates used at birthday parties and school events.

Paper Cup Crafts - P

Peekaboo Groundhog - Instructions for making a Peek-A-Boo Groundhog puppet.

Playful Popup Pumpkin Puppet - A playful pumpkin figure that is a cinch to make!

Potted Tissue Flowers - Instructions to make tissue paper flowers in a personalized pot.

Paper Cup Crafts - S

Space Capsule Craft - Space capsule craft with cups

Stained Glass Ornament - A great Christmas tree ornament or gift idea.

Styrofoam Cup Flower - How to make a unique flower using a styrofoam cup.

Styrofoam Lephrechaun Hat - How to make a leprechaun hat from a styrofoam cup.

St.Patrick's Day Shamrocks - Create your own beatiful basket of shamrocks!

String Phone - Make a string phone to play with paper cups.

Styrofoam Cup Flowers - For kids that are anxious for the warm days and bright blooms that come with the spring, why wait for real flowers when you can have fun making your own flowers that will stay fresh all spring and beyond.

Paper Cup Crafts - T

Terrarium Craft - Instructions to make a home made terrarium using a couple of clear plastic cups.

Paper Cup Crafts - U

Uncle Sam Puppet - Make an Uncle Sam Puppet from a cup.

Paper Cup Crafts - V

Valentines Day Cups - 2 versions of the same craft.

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