Drills on Wheels Song CD


Drills on Wheels Song CD
Upbeat and catchy collection of simple songs, packed with imitation practice and sound blending. Excellent for any child needing speech practice - especially focuses on children with apraxia and/or phonological disorders. Each song emphasizes a particular speech sound and blends those sounds in a variety of ways including chains of sounds, consonant-vowels, words, and simple phrases. Includes practice of the following sounds: vowels, h, m, w, t, d, n, k, f, s, sh, ch, and j. The phrase “your turn” is often included to give children cues. Contains 12 songs.

Songs Include:

1. Jump on the choo choo
2. Vowels
3. Happy b-day cake and cookie
4. Ha, ha, ha
5. A monkey, a moose, a mouse
6. Wheels
7. Tiny Tony
8. Howls and Hoots
9. Fish, sharks, and shells
10. Hissing Snake
11. No, no, nigh, night
12. All done playing

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