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Assorted Whistle Set (Set of 5)

$9.49 $7.49
This item is currently unavailable.

Assorted Whistle Set (Set of 5)

Save money by purchasing a set of 5 whistles

Set includes:

1. Twirl Whistle
2. Train Whistle
3. Lip Whistle
4. Kazoo
5. Slide

Blowing helps develop tongue, cheek, jaw and lip musculature and respiratory control for speech and feeding skills. Whistles are a pleasurable and reinforcing way to encourage blowing. They also provide motor planning practice for speech sounds.

Our whistles are hand picked!

The shape and size of the mouth piece allows children to work on tongue placement for specific sounds for speech development. The child will learn lip closure techniques-- the same mouth movements used to say certain vowels and consonant sounds.

Colors may vary. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

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