Cardboard Box Crafts

Use these craft ideas to work on building speech and language with your child. These crafts are wonderful for eliciting sounds and words as well as working on repetition. Please note some of the pages may take a few seconds to load. It's worth the wait! Resource information provided by

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Cardboard Box Crafts - A

Alphabet Noodle Bracelet Craft - Use a cereal box, noodles, glue, and yarn to make this fun craft.

Cardboard Box Crafts - B

Best Dad I Ever Saw Craft - Get your creative juices flowing as you cut the cardboard into the shape of a cutting saw and make it into a picture frame by painting and decorating it.

Bird Nest Supply Box Craft - Make a bird's day by supplying it with some materials to make a nest. Use a cardboard milk carton to create the supply house. Who knows, maybe the bird will make a nest in your box!

Barn Box Craft - Make your own barn with a large cardboard box. Make doors windows and more. Make little bails of hay by painting small boxes. You can even make the baby food jar animals found under baby food jar crafts section to populated the barn with animals.

Cardboard Box Crafts - C

Castle Craft - Turn a plain cardboard box into an enchanted castle. The cutting in this project is heavy-duty and should be done by an adult. The child can help by supervising and by designing where the towers and turrets should go.

Cradle Craft - Make a rocking cradle for your baby doll with an oatmeal box.

Cardboard Box Crafts - D

Dragon Craft - Make a large cardboard dragon or make a smaller dragon by using a shoe box.

Doll House Craft - Make your own doll house out of a shoe box, wallpaper, carpet, scissor, and paint.

Cardboard Box Crafts - E

Easel Craft - This is an easy way to make an easel using a sturdy cardboard box. You will need the box, strong scissors or a craft knife and 2 clothes pins.

Cardboard Box Crafts - F

Finger Puppet Theater - You can make a tiny theater that is useful for putting on shows with finger puppets, popsicle stick puppets, or puppets on a straw. You hold the theater with one hand and use the other hand to move your puppets.

Fire Truck Box Toy - Children can make these fire trucks to pretend to ride in or to use as a toy box. If you like, you can cut out the bottom of the box (before making the craft) and the children can get in the box, carry it, and walk around pretending to be a fire fighter. Practice speech sounds like "eee-ooo, eee-ooo" (siren).

Cardboard Box Crafts - G

Musical Guitar Craft - This is an easy way to make a guitar using an old shoe box or tissue box, rubber bands, scissors, a paper-towel tube, and a pencil.

Cardboard Box Crafts - J

Jewelry Box Craft - Instructions for making a cute,cardboard jewelry box.

Cardboard Box Crafts - L

Log Cabin Craft - You can make this wonderful twig house using a cardboard box, twigs, and hot glue.

Lunchbox Craft - Give your metal lunch box a new look by updating the decorations on the outside.

Cardboard Box Crafts - P

Puzzle Craft - Use a photograph, glue, scissors, and some cardboard to make your very own puzzle.

Cardboard Box Crafts - R

Rattle Craft - Make a leg rattle just like the Native American's used for making music while they danced.

Cardboard Box Crafts - S

Shadow Puppet Stage Craft - Build a shadow-puppet stage with straws, a cardboard box, and more.

Silo Craft - You can make this silo from an oatmeal box, a piece of cardstock, scissors, and paint.

Cardboard Box Crafts - T

Treasure Box Craft - Everyone collects special treasures. Here is a neat little treasure box you can make to keep your treasure safe. You can also make these and use them instead of loot bags at your next party.

Treasure Chest Craft - A simple-to-make pirate's treasure chest made from a shoebox and paint. You can use this treasure chest at a child's party to hide the treasure in a treasure hunt.

Cardboard Box Crafts - W

Wallpaper Frames - Use some old wallpaper scraps, a cardboard box, cardboard, glue, and a piece of ribbon to make this inexpensive gift. The nice touch is the family portrait drawn by the child and inserted into the frame.

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