Baby Food Jar Crafts

Use these craft ideas to work on building speech and language with your child. These crafts are wonderful for eliciting sounds and words as well as working on repetition. Please note some of the pages may take a few seconds to load. It's worth the wait! Resource information provided by

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Baby Food Jar Crafts - A

Air Freshener - Make a baby food jar into an air freshner. Your child can practice breating through his nose. Perfect for putting next to the changing table to freshen things up!

Baby Food Jar Crafts - B

Baby Food Jar Animals - Talk about your child's favorite animal. Then you can make an animal out of a baby food jar. 

Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree - Need something to do while the holiday cookies are in the oven?  This is the perfect craft for the holidays!

Baby-food Jar Gardens - Help your child make a garden inside of a baby food jar. This is an easy craft for young kids.

Bunny - Really cute bunny craft. What do bunnies do?  They go "Hop, hop, hop!" Practice the /b/ and /h/ sound with this craft.  Don't forget the wiggly eyes!

Button Jars - This is an easy craft for young kids to do and so much fun!!

Baby Food Jar Crafts - C

Crystal Wax Candles - This one is a simple craft that can be used as a nice gift for grandparents and teachers.

Baby Food Jar Crafts - F

Floaters In A Jar - Kids always love crafts with water - especially making things float in water.  Make this fun craft with your kids out of a baby food jar, baby oil and water.

Floral Candle Holder - This craft is a little advanced.  Your child may need lots of help but it is a great way to work on those /k/ and /f/ sounds as you talk about your "candle", "baby food jar", and the "flowers".

Baby Food Jar Crafts - G

Gel Air Fresheners - Make this gel air freshener out of a baby food jar.  Be sure to help your child with this craft.  It is a little more advanced!

Glitter Domes - Children seem to love glitter domes.  They are simple and lots of fun.  They also make great gifts!

Glow Stick Centerpiece - Make a great centerpiece with your child out of a baby food jar, tomato paste and small cans. There is a glue gun involved with this craft, so parents are encouraged to do this part away from their child.

Baby Food Jar Crafts - H

Homemade Ink from Berries - Here is a simple recipe for making ink from berries that you find outside.  The color of your ink will depend on what kind of berries you pick.

Homemade Snow Globe - Instructions on how to make a beautiful snow globe out of a baby food jar. This one is a nice gift for friends or family!

Hot Chocolate in a Jar - Make this fun and simple gift idea - Hot Cocoa recipes in a jar! The baby food jars are the perfect size for a small serving of hot chocolate!

Baby Food Jar Crafts - J

Jellybean Ducks - This cute duck is actually a little baby food jar full of jellybeans! Celebrate spring with this fun, simple project.  Also makes a cute gift.

Jesus Lighthouse - This is a great craft to do along with Bible Lessons.

Baby Food Jar Crafts - M

Magic Reindeer Food - Help your child make this christmas craft using a baby food jar.  Say the included poem with your child as you sprinkle the food outside. 

Melted Crayon Jars - These jars are both pretty and useful containers for such things as flowers, pencils, and odds and ends. They are fun and easy to make and each one is different. Remember to keep your finished jars out of direct sunlight or the crayons will melt again.

Monster in a Jar - Make this simple craft using pudding mix and lifesavers.  The perfect snack for a Halloween party. Make this treat and put it inside of a baby food jar. Yummy!!

Moses in the Bulrushes - Here's a fun baby food jar craft to go along with the Bible Story about Moses.

Mother's Day Snow Globes - This craft is so creative and cute!  Get out some clay and glitter for this craft.  You will probably want to get some wrapping paper too... to give the finished product away as a gift.

Baby Food Jar Crafts - P

Pin Cushion - This is a great craft to turn a baby food jar into a Pin Cushion. Kids will love doing this craft with you.

Pot of Gold - This super easy project is a fun way to create a little package of goodies for friends or family.

Potpourri Jars - Make these amazing potpourri jars with your children. They make great gifts.

Jack-o-lantern Jars - Use orange tissue paper, glue, and a votive candle to make this mini Jack-o-lantern.

Baby Food Jar Crafts - S

Sand Candles - Instructions on how to make a beautiful sand candle out of a baby food jar with your kids. These are great for your children to give out as gifts to love ones.

Santa Claus Baby Food Jar Craft - This Santa Claus baby food jar craft is fun to make and has practical uses like holding candy.

Snow Globes - Make this beautiful snow globe out of a baby food jar. Kids love this craft.

Snowman Candle Holder - Make a cute snowman candle holder out of a baby food jar. This craft is great for the Christmas Holiday.

Baby Food Jar Crafts - T

Tea-Light Holder - This is an easy project that kids can do with very little help from you. Plus, these tea-light crafts made from baby food jars are great gifts.

Baby Food Jar Crafts - V

Votive Candle Holder - Instructions on how to make a votive candle holder using a baby food jar.

Baby Food Jar Crafts - W

Winnie the Pooh Party Favor Jars - This craft is so cute and the whole family will love making this craft.

Wishing Well - An amazing craft on how to make a wishing well with a baby food jar and clothespins.

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