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Speech Practice Song CDs (Set of 3)

$50.97 $45.99

Speech Practice Song CDs (Set of 3)
Includes 3 music CDs:

Conversation Station combines imitation practice with conversation. The phrase, "Your turn" has been eliminated from this collection of songs to help children imitate without becoming cue-dependent. The conversation in these songs can be modeled during natural routines. The old favorite, Ring Around the Rosie is included, but has been re-written (Round We Go) to make it verbally within a child's ability to sing. Includes 12 songs.

The Rocking and Talking Song CD contains Rock 'N Roll songs for practicing speech. These fabulous 50's, 60's & 70's songs are back with kid-friendly lyrics and formats to enhance children's speech, imitation and social skills regardless of their verbal ability or age. These clever remakes cover simple consonant-vowel imitation, articulation practice, answering WH questions, learning the sequence and vocabulary of daily routines and social stories. Parents, educators, speech-language pathologists, daycare providers, and early childhood educators will love to use these familiar tunes and rock 'n' roll right along! Contains 10 songs.

The Vocalomotion Song CD is uniquely different from the others as it has no singing. Every song is done with rhythm and instrumental but in a speaking-rap style. It focuses on consonant-vowel imitation, single words, and simple phrases, just as Imitation Station does, but some children may have an easier time practicing word and phrase imitation when it does not involve singing. This CD also includes the phrase, “Your turn” to cue the children when to imitate. Contains 10 songs.

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