Conversation Station Song CD

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Conversation Station Song CD
This CD combines imitation practice with conversation!

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Packed with many simple consonant-vowel and single word practices, this CD also contains more complex verbal exercises for children at the multi-syllabic word and phrase level. Other songs on this CD challenge children to understand and answer questions and make comments.

Conversation Station combines imitation practice with conversation. The phrase, "Your turn" has been eliminated from this collection of songs to help children imitate without becoming cue-dependent. The conversation in these songs can be modeled during natural routines. The old favorite, Ring Around the Rosie is included, but has been re-written (Round We Go) to make it verbally within a child's ability to sing.

Songs Include: • Cheese and Macaroni • Slide • Bananas • Brush • Go • Round We Go • I Dressed Myself • I Love • What Happened? • No Way • Scrambled Eggs and • Uh-Oh.
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